TOOL Billiard have been in billiard market since 1991. During the first years the most of our business was production and sale of billiard tables and accessories. You can find our tables not only in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria but were exported mainly to Russia and Ukraina.


Since 1996 we have fully concentrated on production of our own billiard cloth and step by step we became the wholesale base for European billiard table producers and dealers of all billiard accessories that we import directly from worldwide producers like Saluc, Tweeten, Simonis, Favero…etc. We have sold our cloth successfully to the whole Europe, part of Asia and America. Our the most famous cloth is Eurospeed (offered in 12 colours) and Eurosprint – both protected by registered trademark. Another our product is universal cloth Le Cardinal, snooker cloth Petrow and high quality carom cloth Millenium. All our cloths were tested by top European billiard players and are so popular for it´s very good quality in very interesting price.


In 2006 we established our branch in Ukraina.


Since January 2014 we have been an official sponsor of European Billiard Council that arranges tournaments in pool and Russian pyramid.


Annually our company takes part in the world exhibitions EAG London and GBE Guangzhou China.